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    July 24, 2017
    Nice house 10 minutes from the airport for a one night stay
    The surrounding neighborhood
    It is a three bedroom house with a large living room, kitchen and patio area. The property is completely surrounded by a brick wall 10 feet high. The property is in a downscale residential neighborhood of people living on dirt streets. You can not walk off the property for sightseeing, shopping or restaurants --- you must take a taxi. The property is close to the airport so it makes a good choice for a one night stay. You must sign a two page contract (like an apartment contract) upon arrival.
    June 1, 2017
    Exterior doors to the house cannot be locked so get knives from the kitchen for protection and take them into the bedroom and lock the door there from the inside. Both showers electrocuted me due to shorts in the water heater mechanisms.   We were unable to shower the night before flying overseas.   House heating was insufficient and difficult to operate.   Cable/satellite tv was impossible to operate or possibly non existent. House impossible to find.   Have Cecilia pick you up at airport if possible. She graciously suggested this to us. Wonderful lady.    Toilets do not flush adequately.  It is mostly impossible to flush anything but urine. The price per night is exorbitant in comparison to other options.    For this reason, the house should have been prefect.   Did I report these problems immediately?   Of course not.   We were staying one night and these problems came to light in the early evening.   Were plumbers, electricians and locksmiths all going to be called to come over that evening to fix everything? Of course not. Or... Did we want workers in the house into the night repairing the home?   Of course not.   Additionally,   there were occupants in the home the night before us yet all these problems didn't exist when they were there?   Of course they existed.  Our best option was to ride out the one night and leave.   Let me say again that Cecilia is probably the nicest person on the planet.   Once these house issues are resolved I would stay here again just to get to interact with her again.
    Junky neighborhood with garbage strown, dirt  road leads the way to a beautiful home with well maintained lawn within a high secure fence.   "House Mom" Cecilia very pleasant, super friendly and amazingly helpful.   This is not her house and the following review is not a reflection on her.   I feel awful for her that I'm saying negative things about the house.  She was wonderful.